Meet Dr. Johnny Nohra

Oral Surgeon and Implantologist


Oral Surgery and Implantology


25+ Years of Professional Experience


English, Arabic, French

Dr. Johnny is an esteemed oral surgeon at Hadi Akl Cosmetic Dentistry, known for his exceptional surgical prowess and transformative impact on patient care. His meticulous approach and innovative surgical techniques ensure superior outcomes, enhancing both the functionality and aesthetics of surgical results. His role at the clinic is pivotal, continually elevating the standard of care through his commitment to precision and excellence.

Since 2004, Dr. Johnny has also been a vital part of the academic staff at Saint Joseph University of Beirut, where he teaches advanced surgical techniques to the next generation of surgeons. His extensive experience and deep understanding of complex surgical procedures make him a highly respected educator and mentor in the surgical community.

In addition to his clinical and teaching roles, Dr. Johnny is a prolific contributor to the field of oral surgery through his research. He has authored several papers in the most prestigious journals of oral surgery, reflecting his ongoing commitment to advancing the science and practice of surgery. His scholarly work not only adds to the existing body of knowledge but also influences best practices in oral surgical procedures worldwide.


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