Meet Dr. Hadi Akl

Cosmetic Dentist and Chief Dentist


Cosmetic and Prosthetic Dentistry


30+ years of professional experience


English, Arabic, French

Dr. Hadi Akl is the esteemed founder and chief dentist at Hadi Akl Cosmetic Dentistry, renowned for his extensive expertise and innovative approach in the field. He specializes in incorporating advanced technologies such as CAD/CAM, 3D Printing, and Digital Smile Design to enhance dental treatments since 1992.

Additionally, Dr. Akl has made significant contributions as a clinical instructor in the Department of Fixed Prosthodontics at Saint Joseph University in Beirut since 1996. His role involves educating and training future dentists in the latest dental techniques and practices.

Under his leadership, Hadi Akl Cosmetic Dentistry has become a cornerstone of excellence, setting high standards in patient care and comprehensive dental services. His commitment to quality and patient satisfaction has established the clinic as a leader in the cosmetic dentistry sector.


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