Meet Dr. Carla Jabre

Root Canal Specialist




15+ years of professional experience


English, Arabic, French

Dr. Carla is an accomplished endodontist at Hadi Akl Cosmetic Dentistry, known for her deep expertise in biomaterials and advanced endodontic procedures. Her expertise is enhanced by a Master’s degree in Biomaterials, equipping her with in-depth knowledge of the most effective materials in dental treatments.

Since 2012, Dr. Carla has also been a dedicated educator at Saint Joseph University of Beirut, teaching upcoming dental professionals in the latest endodontic techniques and technologies. Her commitment to education ensures continual learning and application of the highest standards in patient care.

Additionally, Dr. Carla is a fellow member of Style Italiano Endodontics, a group renowned for its innovative approaches and excellence in endodontic therapy. This affiliation keeps her at the forefront of the field, promoting the highest level of practice based on the latest research and clinical developments.


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