Restorative Dentistry

A smile is perhaps the least understood but most effective healing tool man has ever known. A smile can gladden the heart of the wearer and the observer, often simultaneously. It can diffuse a quarrel or welcome a friend. It can wish a good day or try to brighten a dark one. It can give love or receive it. It can demonstrate gratitude and can lend a helping hand. Smiles can turn to laughter, which, as we know, is always the best medicine.

Teeth Whitening

– Teeth Whitening –

Our teeth whitening system can whiten teeth by up to several shades, brightening your teeth dramatically. Gel is applied to your teeth and the tooth whitening light is positioned over your teeth to activate the gel. Contact us for more information about chair-side power bleaching and home kits.

Broken or Chipped

– Broken or Chipped Teeth –

Accidents happen, especially during sports. Broken or chipped teeth can be restored and your own mouth guard can be created to prevent further accidents.

Decay and White Fillings

– Caries / Decay & White Fillings –

Teeth with caries (decay) are restored by using a filling. The cavity can be filled with either silver composites (NHS) or tooth coloured composites (private). We can remove silver (amalgam) fillings and replace them with white, tooth coloured fillings.

CR Fluorosis White Marks

– Fluorosis (White Marks) –

We can remove fluorosis (white marks on teeth) by covering them with white, tooth coloured composite veneers.

CR Gaps Between Teeth

– Gaps Between Teeth –

Cases of diastimas (opening between the top upper central incisors), or even space between the teeth can be eliminated by veneers or crowns.

CR Cosmetic Contouring

– Cosmetic Contouring –

Cosmetic contouring changes the shape of the teeth into a better smile. It is a simple way of adjusting the shape of irregular teeth to give them a more uniform appearance. Cosmetic contouring is a conservative procedure that quickly improves the appearance of fractured, worn or irregular teeth.